Monday, September 22, 2014

Food Bowl Season

I am in love with the Buddha Bowl trend!  My Pinterest account is filled with bowls and delight, and my kitchen is too!

The typical equation for a Buddha bowl is a grain, a green, a protein, a dressing, and other fantasticalness to your liking.

Last night I made quinoa (I have been making it in my rice cooker and loving the results).  I do one cup dry (washed) and then two cups water and an Edward and Son's Not Chicken bouillon cube.

Next was a yam chopped up and tossed with coconut oil, paprika, and a little pink salt.

I pulled out the black bean salsa I had marinating all day- one can black beans, a half red onion chopped finely, a half bunch of cilantro chopped finely, a half orange bell pepper cut finely, about 1/2 cup frozen corn, an avocado cubed small, and the juice of a lime with some salt, pepper, and cumin to taste.

My greens were collards that I cut into ribbons and then steamed.

Together, it was a perfect bite and a delicious dinner.  My daughter ate 2.5 bowls and exclaimed, "I LOVE THIS TOO MUCH!" 

Try it out, and check out my Pinterest board to see what's inspiring me in bowls this season :)