Monday, October 25, 2010

Meat Free Mom: The Class/Tutorial!

Obviously, with my blog and all, cooking healthy food for my family is my passion.  I have offered to do a class/tutorial for some of the parents in my parenting group.  I'm realy excited to share compassionate, healthy recipes that should please the parents and kids.

I'm looking for ideas though, because I'll be teaching people who aren't vegan, and I want to know what the common parent is looking for.  I am thinking I'd like to do something with quinoa, probably a simple pilaf.  I'm going to make Violet's "cookies," which I just need to add a picture for and I'll post that as well.  I want to have some one pot meals that appeal to the parent on the go or with limited prep and cleanup time.  I'd also like to have something that children can help with.  That sounds crazy, but just last weekend I let Violet mix the dry ingredients for our Sunday waffles (yeah, we have waffles every Sunday).  She can also press the button on the blender or shake a jar of dressing.  Getting kids and parents in the kitchen together means not having to worry about the kids distracting you while you cook.  

So here's your chance readers, tell me what kinds of foods you wish you knew how to make.  What dish takes you a long time, and you'd like a quicker version?  What meals do your kids love?  What veggie have you never cooked but always been curious about?  I want some inspiration!  I'll share all the recipes on here that I share with my group, so there's an incentive to put in your requests.

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