Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vegan Pregnancy: Part 4

It's a BOY!

Yesterday was the big 20 week ultrasound and we quickly discovered that we've got a little man on the way!  It's hard to say goodbye to my daughter's adorable little cothes, but I think it's probably best for our family.  We only wanted 2, so we'll get to have one of each and never wonder "what if we wanted to try for a ___."

I think Violet was on to the truth for a while though, as were we.  We get a monthly book through a program called Imagination Library.  It's free and fun, for the most part.  There have been some books I wasn't too fond of, but they were free, so I'm not complaining.  Anyway, a few months ago, we got Big Sister, Little Sister in the mail and we thought Violet would be really into it. It's a great book for siblings and has all pictures of real siblings doing different fun things and the text is in fun rhymes.  Violet let me read it to her all the way through one time, and then ripped one of the pages and won't get more than a page through it anymore.

Then the next month, we got Big Brother, Little Brother, which I figured she'd have the same lack of interest in.  I didn't really push it and I put it with her other books.  It quickly became a bedtime favorite and is sometimes repeated.  It's the same style, with pictures of real brothers playing together and rhymes to go along. One night after we read through it and she was so excited, I told her that no matter what the baby turned out to be, she could be a big brother if that's what she wanted.

We also had a name picked out for our boy long before we knew he was a boy.  We had been throwing names around and around, getting too narrowminded by our desire to have it fit into a certain box or style.  We wanted a name of something in nature, like Violet Rose.  Then we wanted an Irish name.  Then I was stuck on names that started with Q for a while and only wanted to discuss Q names for a boy or girl.  Then one day, we were listening to the Beatles and Obla Di came on and the first word is Desmond.  As soon as we heard it we both turned to one another and said, "What do you think of Desmond?"  Since then, I've been calling this baby Dez and trying to decide if I would be willing to call my daughter Desdemona if it turned out we were having a girl (the answer was no).

So we went into our ultrasound with all three of us expecting a boy, and lo and behold, we were right.  The evidence was clear as soon as the baby came up on the screen, and all my fears about having a small penis in my life came true.  How will I clean it?  Will he pee directly into my mouth while I'm changing him?  Will people treat him strangly because he is intact?  Will he knock up some girl that I don't like when he's 15?  I'm sure the answers will all come in time though, and I'm so excited that Violet gets a younger brother to play with and to be her brother for life.

We also had another nice surprise at our ultrasound.  Despite the fact that I have only gained 2lbs in the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy, Dez is measuring a little big.  This is great news, because it's a sign of health and strength.  What a lovely surprise.  No worries about him growing.  I was starting to wonder because until recently I didn't feel like I was showing much and I wondered how a whole baby was fitting in there.  I'm all round and robust now though, and it's good to know he is too.

Some day I will find time and energy to post some recipes again.  Until then, my boy and I are going to rest while big sis sleeps.

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