Saturday, June 25, 2011

Violet's Vegan Cupcakes: Pretending to be a Work at Home Mom

Some of my best tasting work, but not my best decor.  I was given less than 24 hour notice on this order though, and Violet was up until midnight, so I will cut myself some slack if you will too.

Sometimes, just for fun, I pretend to work.  People email me (honestly, I'm not even sure where they get my email half the time), and they ask me to make vegan cupcakes or cake for them.  Then I usually do and they pay me.

It's all very glamorous being a WAHM, instead of my day job, SAHM (which is of course a misnomer since I can't remember the last day I spent at home... but I digress).  I also get this sense of accomplishement when I am teaching my HypnoBirthing classes and need to prepare materials, review information, etc.

For a few hours, I marvel at what it must be like to ACTUALLY work from home on a regular basis.  Kudos to those who do it.  I don't know how they do.  I have a million and one business plans rolling around in my head, and I'd love to bring them all to fruition, but as it is, I'm afraid to advertise my baking because I couldn't deal with the fallout.

As it stands, I'm the only vegan baker in town that takes orders.  There are a few cafes that will on occasion have a vegan option available, but there is nothing for the special occasions of vegans in this town.  Nothing but me.  By association, I'm the only game in town for those with dairy or egg allergies.  I should probably advertise, build a better website, etc.  I just don't feel ready to work that much, and I'm okay with that.

I made $35 this week, though my profit was significantly less (fun fact, if you are going to sell your baked goods as vegan, you need to use organic sugar to make sure you don't have something processed with bone char).  It all adds up, especially when I use fine ingredients and lots of care.  Not to mention driving around town to get a cake box the right size, for crying out loud...

Teaching my classes ends up being a similar issue with timing and supplies and scheduling and ugh...

My job as mom, especially for the two weeks of the month that I am a single mom, is really consuming.  Being the sole provider for a toddler 24/7 as I enter my 3rd trimester is taking it's toll on me.  I'm getting tired, irritable, and I'm experiencing a super-fun shortness of breath lately as my big boy grows and stretches within me.  I know women have come before me and done this and women will do this after me, and quite frankly it's the norm to have a toddler when you are pregnant with your second, but I still need a quick gripe fest.

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