Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trying to Get Blogging Again: The Alphabet

The alphabet is big in my house right now.  My two year old is trying so hard to learn the song, and she's learning her letters, and I thought it's a cute way to keep me blogging and give me topics to write on.

For 26 days (or 26 posts if I lag and can't keep up every day), I'll focus a post around the next letter in the alphabet.  If you have ideas for something you'd like me to write about on a certain day, feel free to put those ideas in the comments here (X is for???).

I'll try to post later today with the letter A.


  1. Since food and recipes are really important to you, maybe you could choose a healthy food item or something along those lines. Not that Violet needs any nudge eating healthy :)

  2. K for kiwiberries they are in season right now and the perfect size and no prep