Friday, October 17, 2014

Books My Vegan Kids Love

Check out these books that my vegan kids love, follow the pictures to links to buy the books, and add your child's favorite books in the comments!
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"Peaceful piggies try to be loving and kind to all beings."

Mitch Spinach

Mitch Spinach has plant-based superpowers, just like any kid can if they eat healthy, vibrant food.  Perfect for elementary kids, Mitch solves mysteries and shares with the reader how the plant-based foods he eats give him the powers to do this.  I recommend these books to anyone with kids.  It never mentions the word vegan, and instead just shares recipes and nutrient-rich foods present in a plant based diet.  My daughter always say, "I like carrots because they help me see well, like Mitch Spinach!"  She gets excited about eating her fruits and veggies because she knows they make her strong and healthy.  Great for picky kids and reluctant veggie eaters.
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Ruby Roth's Books

Ruby Roth has a way of beautifully and simply explaining veganism to small children.  The pictures and text use familiar words and only slightly graphic images to spread the message of veganism and vegetarianism.  The focus is on why we make the compassionate choices we do, and how those choices impact the world.  Two must haves for the ethical vegans in your life.
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Peaceful Piggy Meditation

My son (3 years old) asks for "Pigggies" every night.  While not overtly vegan, this book talks about the benefits of meditation and being kind to all beings.  Appealing to children's sense of overwhelm and frustration, this book gives children the tools to meditate and the benefits.  Moody Cow Meditates is another much-loved book by the same author about a little cow who has a very bad day and learns to meditate with his grandpa in order to let all those stresses fade away.  Both are loved by my 3 year old and 5 year old, and could be enjoyed probably much older too.  I get a lot from both beautiful picture books about the importance of meditation and relaxation in daily life!
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Share your vegan kids' favorite books in the comments!

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