Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gardein Fishless Filet Obsession

I feel like a teenage hipster, because when I think about these fishless filets, I CAN'T EVEN...

It was a long time after reading about the fishless filets before I actually got a chance to try them, but I finally ended up ordering them through a vegan online store.  They were a bit defrosted when they got here, but they cooked up great and my life was changed.

I mean...  They are just SO GOOD.  I haven't taken any great pictures of the stuff you can make with them, but I've enjoyed them with fries for "fish and chips" and made "fish tacos" with a yummy cabbage slaw, and I've made a great fish sandwich with them.   We even made sushi rolls at home with them!

Since going vegan, fish is the animal product I miss the most, by a long shot.  I tried some vegan shrimp, some vegan fish loaf, and other vegan "fish" filets with nothing really impressing me until Gardein made these Fishless Filets.  They are seriously a whole new ballgame.  They are flakey, truly taste like a mild fish, and when baked up get the best golden crust ever.  It's just perfection.  The best part, in my opinion, is that they have the same great omegas that lead many vegetarians to become pescatarians and eat fish.  No need with these :)  Or with chia, walnuts, flax, hemp seeds, etc.

I just really really recommend these, which is why I have no shame that I ended up ordering an entire case of them on Amazon!  You get a big box of the filets frozen and ready to go.  I did have a slight delay with my order, but when it got here it was all still frozen solid and I was so happy.  Even though one of my local stores supposedly carries them, they have been out of stock every time I checked for two months, so I am glad to have an easy and reliable source.  I keep them in the garage freezer, but for these things I'd be willing to re-prioritize our regular freezer.  They are worth it.

This is my affiliate link to order your own case, which you really should consider :)

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