Thursday, November 6, 2014

Smoothies on the Go: Making Your Own Squeeze Packs

A few years ago when I was on the run all the time with a very busy playgroup, I was always looking for ways to take snacks with me that were healthy.  At that time I was also the mom of only one and very dedicated to making everything from scratch.  One of my exceptions was these great squeeze packs that made giving my daughter fruit, veggies, and healthy foods on the go so easy.  These were the ones I really liked.

We favored baby led weaning, but these made it easy to have healthy snacks on the go, and I basically saw it like a smoothie, which we ate too.

While these snack packs aren't overly expensive for an organic smoothie, it still ads up.  One day in Toys R Us I saw this product by Infantino that allows you to make your own purees and put them in squeeze packs yourself!  I used it tons to make my own packs, but then when we moved it never got unpacked and I kind of forgot about it.

This week, I pulled it out of the garage and was reminded what a great product this is.  It says to only use the packs once, but I wash them out and reuse them (I'm not making any recommendations, just sharing my experience), so It's pennies per pack depending on what you fill it with.

Since Whole Soy soy yogurt is back in stores in the big tub, I got a big one of vanilla and the kids always make such a mess with a cup of yogurt, so I made them squeeze packs of yogurt with this and ate all their yogurt with zero mess!

After that worked so well, I made a smoothie yesterday morning.  For some reason, my kids love smoothies but if I give it to them in a cup they end up spilling or losing interest in them, plus I can never find my straws.

Yesterday's smoothie was almond milk, banana, roasted sweet potato, spinach, hemp seeds, and goji berries.  This morning they had almond milk, banana, goji berries, chia seeds, and kale.  Great healthy breakfast with no mess!  I put the extra in another pouch, so when my daughter inevitably comes home from school starving, there will be a super healthy smoothie waiting for her in the refrigerator!

I really do love this product, and I'd love to hear how you use it too!  I am thinking about making up a savory pack, like lentil soup, to see how they like that.  Great for on the go, picnics, and car rides.

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