Friday, September 3, 2010

What Do You Eat? Day 6

Second to last day!!  It's getting hard to keep up with this, so I'm kind of glad it's almost over.  Again I'm posting the next day because I just didn't have time yesterday.

For breakfast I made a stir fry, just like I said I would.  I used yummy big soba noodles as a base with my veggies.  I used onion, garlic, ginger, zucchini, baby bok choy, Yoshida's Gourmet Sauce (a favorite of mine, even though it has high fructose corn syrup), and lots of toasted sesame seeds.

I ate a nectarine after my hike, then came home and had toast with jam and a cup of tea because it was cold out.

By the end of the day, it was gorgeous, so the baby and I spent a lot of time in the yard, and consequently we both enjoyed many raspberries.  Dinner was a homemade chili verde with homemade seitan.  I make my chili verde by roasting garlic, onion, tomatillos, and zucchini and then blending it.  It had a bitter taste this time, and I'm not sure what the cause of it was.  I served it over brown rice.

I finally ate my last Almond Joy cereal bar last night, sadly, and had a cup of tea after dinner.

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