Sunday, September 5, 2010

What Do You Eat? Day 7

One week of recording everything I ate and I'm exhausted from it all!

Breakfast was multigrain oatmeal with some flax meal, coconut milk, and maple syrup.  Sweet and decadent!

I didn't really eat much of a lunch.  I tried to eat some leftover chili verde, but the bitterness got worse overnight.  I finished a container of vanilla coconut yogurt that Violet hadn't eaten the day before.  I grazed on snap peas and raspberries in the garden.

Dinner was angel hair pasta made with Jeruselem artichoke flour.  I tossed it with some nutrtional yeast and added pesto.  The baby didn't get pesto on hers because I think it was too spicy for her (although she's usually a big spice fan).  Mac and cheese, even vegan kids like their version of it.  For sides I roasted baby cherry tomatoes and some rapini.  That was my first time cooking rapini and I wouldn't roast it again.  Next time I'll try a sautee or steam method.

The baby's appetite was back in full force though, and she ate every last noodle, pea, and grape off her plate.  It really makes me happy to see her eating so much again.

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