Sunday, January 13, 2013

Changing my Family's Health with doTERRA Essential Oils

A friend of mine started selling doTERRA Essential Oils recently and it was my chance to check it out.  You see, my news feed has been a buzz with mention of doTERRA for months now, and I've been dying to try some.  I couldn't figure out what could make them so great.  Honestly, I had no idea that essential oils were for anything other than aromatics.  I have used tea tree oil my whole life, but I didn't even realize that was an essential oil (and usually it was a fairly diluted version of an EO anyway).

So I went to the party with an open mind, some interest, and the expectation that I would like some of what I smelled.  I also showed up with a stuffy stuffy baby who had been on and off feverish, unable to sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time, and wouldn't leave the cuddly security of my chest.  During the talk about all the oils, vials were passed around and each one went under my nose and under my son's nose.  Particularly the blend called Breathe, I let linger and tried to get him to take some sniffs of.  About ten minutes into this talk, after a few of the oils had been passed around (including Breathe), Desmond began to nurse and instantly passed a large chunk of dried snot from his nose.  Once that was out, he could nurse much more because he could breathe.  He warmed up considerably, and the as peppermint went around to smell, his fever went back down and he fell asleep.

Since I was at my friend's house for the talk, I just laid him on the couch and let him sleep for TWO HOURS.  Even when he's at his most healthy, his naps are usually only one hour.  Two hours is truly unheard of.  I was definitely hooked.  I signed up to be an independent product consultant (IPC) that very day.  I've seen lots of these products that friends sell, and I always think, "How do they pretend that they really think that what they are selling is so great."  Well, in my doTERRA information packet about selling, I loved that their stance was; "Be a product of the product."  That's easy enough.

I use my oils every day.  My daughter, Violet, calls them my medicine because any time she's hurt or not feeling well, I have an oil to help her.  She even smashed her foot badly while playing on my elliptical trainer and I used a combination of lavender and frankincense essential oils to help calm the reaction.  She had instantly swelled, but the swelling quickly went down with the oils, and she said it didn't hurt anymore.

I have so many more testimonials of how much this has changed our lives and health, but I'll close with a link to my store for now.

My doTERRA store

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