Sunday, June 16, 2013


Yesterday I was in the shower with both children.  They wanted to stay forever, and we ended up all sitting on the shower floor.  My daughter on one knee, my son nursing, the three of our skin tones all mixed up in a sweet cuddly blend, and the water was falling down on us.  I thought to myself, "If only there was a cameral, right here and right now, to capture this.

I took a mental picture.  It's all you can do sometimes.   There are so many perfect moments like that that I want to remember.  Perfect moments in our daily life.  Instead, I spend a photo session trying not to pull my hair out or scream as we recreate cuteness.

We have been blessed with two amazing family portrait sessions with professional photographers that came to our home and captured our family moments.   FLS Photography and FreeSpirit Studios both really captured our family in all our messy, silly, and loving reality.

Sometimes I worry I'm taking too many pictures.  Looking at life through a lens instead of appreciating it in action and fun.  It's a tough balance.

My daughter swam for the first time yesterday, totally unassisted.  The kids are the cutest and most hilarious in the pool, but I'm not taking pictures then, I'm making sure they are safe.  Maybe it's just another thing to experience mommy guilt over, that I don't take enough pictures- or I could be guilty that I take too many.

What do you make sure to get on film, and what do you just enjoy?

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