Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Watermelon, Avocado, Red Onion- The Trinity Summer Salad

You know how in cooking, there are all these "trinities of flavor" that we have?  Celery, carrot, onion.  Tomato, basil garlic.  Chili, lime, salt.  Oreos, soymilk, and guilt.  Rosemary, thyme, parsley.  You know what I mean?
I've discovered the perfect trinity of Summer.  It started out as a green salad that I added watermelon, avocado,  and red onion to.  I just used whatever greens I had on hand, a poppy seed dressing, and lemon pepper.  It was AMAZING!

So AMAZING, in fact, that my son finished the bowl I was eating and asked for more.

And then MORE.

This is the third bowl I had to make.  At this point we had run out of lettuce, and I discovered it was just as amazing without.  The balance of sweet, creamy, a slight spice, and the tang of the lemon pepper is just heavenly.

Another time I made it with steamed kale as the base then just put all my yummy stuff on top and added hemp seeds- a complete and delicious meal!

Last night I didn't have any poppy seed dressing, so I just skipped that part- still AMAZING!

I've decided that really it's just about the trinity of watermelon, avocado, and red onion (and I guess lemon pepper plays a pretty important part, but that doesn't fit my trinity metaphor... so...  You know, use it, but let me have my fun too!

What is your perfect Summer salad?

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