Friday, July 19, 2013


We got our first ripe fig off our tree today!

My great grandma loved figs.  When figs were in season, my mom and I would drive around looking for fig trees, and as the cute kid it was always my job to go knock on the person's door and ask if I could pick some figs for my grandma.

Finally, my mom and I got her a fig tree and planted it in the back yard, and were thrilled that it started producing the very first year.  Planting a tree in her yard when she was older and not in great health was an act of faith.  It was a promise of something great to live for.  My grandmother used to say that she just wanted to see me graduate high school, and after that we said to look forward to my college graduation, but that seemed to far off, so figs in the summer were quite possibly what gave my grandmother a few more years.

Sometimes it just takes one small, sweet, beautiful creation of nature to keep us rising each morning.  The thought of daffodils in Spring can always give me hope that things will change and get better.

Also exciting about these figs is that they are yellow calymara figs, which I have never had fresh- only dried.  I've eaten so many mission figs, but this is a whole delicious new ballgame!  

Next to ripen in the yard are my jujubees.  That's right, I have a fruit growing in my yard called a jujubee.

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