Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What Does Your Kid Eat?

People are always asking what my kids eat.  Each day is totally unique, so a typical day is hard to find. Some nights, the kids totally shun dinner, last night my son (he will be two in a few months) ate two avocados and a bowl of GF brown rice noodles with sauce and some quinoa and chickpea "nuggest" that I made.

Anyway, my daughter's food choices today cracked me up, so this is a good day to share.  She chose most of these foods on her own (the watermelon blended was something I was drinking and I gave her her own glass of it, and dinner was dinner for the family, so she didn't really get to select much there.)

This is what my 3 year old (almost 4) has eaten today:

  • An apple
  • A Carrot
  • Several sheets of nori (seaweed in sheets like they wrap sushi in)
  • A banana with worchestershire sauce (vegan), balsamic, and soy sauce (this was her own creation)...
  • Watermelon, cucumber, and lemon juice that I blended up- she said it was so good and thanked me but only drank a little.  
  • The steamed artichokes I made for dinner and she found... She loves artichokes
  • Some plain canned garbanzo beans that I rinsed and put in a bowl for her
  • A small handful of chocolate chips
  • Several of these cookies, but I used maple and coconut sugars plus molasses in place of honey. 
  • Dinner, which was porchini risotto with sauteed home grown oyster mushrooms on top, artichokes (I ended up making more) and kale chips.  She ate all her artichoke half plus some of her brother's, a few bites of risotto and a few mushrooms, and a few kale chips.
  • More of those cookies
To drink, other than the watermelon blend, she drank water all day, which is typical for us.

So that's what she eats.  

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  1. A girl after my own heart -- I love artichokes too!