Friday, March 1, 2013

Gluten-Free Vegans: Trying to Find Peace and Sleep for our Children

The more and more I read stories of parents who found the answer to their children's ADD, sleeplessness, or emotional outbursts with a gluten-free diet, the more I found myself slowly cutting out gluten without really making an intentional choice.

I have a friend who has found amazing success for her family by going gluten-free, and through her I've seen links to blogs of other moms who are overwhelmed by how a GF diet gives their children a new calm.  My kids could use a little calm.

My son has never been a sleeper, and my daughter didn't start sleeping well until well past the 2 year mark.  Even at 3.5, if she wakes in the night she's sometimes up for hours.  This has NOT been working for us.  Really not.

So as I was weeding out gluten, I made a conscious choice to try a month of GF when we move (we are likely moving in the next month or so).  But once the idea was planted, it seemed silly to wait, and I wanted to start trying out GF foods.  So I ended up going about 5 or 6 days without gluten, and next thing you know, my son sleeps for 5 hours straight (the longest in his life).  The next night, he slept for 6 hours straight (!!!!!!!), but we had had Tofurky pizza that night with a gluten crust, so I chalked it up to not being the gluten.  Too bad.  I went right out and got a loaf of Dave's Killer Bread, we had some ravioli the next day, and finally I made yummy homemade cinnamon rolls (the recipe is Chloe's Kitchen is amazing).  After that first day, back on gluten, my son became not only sleepless at night, but also emotionally distressed.  Lots of pouting and whining.  Lots of heart ache for mommy.

Now I am resolved to give this GF thing a real go.  After two days back off gluten, my son only woke twice last night, and then slept in until seven.  Normally he's known for getting up for the day at 4am!!! Like I said, this sleeplessness really isn't working for our family!!  For the first time ever, he slept in later than his sister today!  He's been much less whiny, and my daughter has only had one fit today (she's been so emotional).

Since I've figured out how to update from my phone, I'll be posting what we're eating, since many GF people feel like going vegan would create a diet too restrictive to function.  I'll share recipes when I have them and at least some pictures and descriptions to give people ideas.

I hope all your children have peace and calm in their lives, it's such a gift!

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