Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hypnotherapy, the Doctor* is Almost In

Finally, I am working on becoming a certified Hypnotherapist. After over two years of Teaching HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method classes, I've known this was something I wanted to explore for a long time. Finding the time and means to become certified were the hard part. There is no ONE hypnosis organization, so it comes down to comparing programs. I honestly have a bias against online education after being a classroom teacher. I thought, how can this train me? So I looked at in-person classes. There was one class that was 5 days long (all day) and then you are certified. Sure, that sounds appealing, but I wanted to learn more and have time to absorb it. Then I found a program that was running for 7 weekends. It was ideal, but it meant 14 full days of childcare. Combine that with the cost of the course and the stress it was going to put on me, and it was no longer a positive venture.
So I came back around to one of the first programs I had checked out, the HMI (Hypnosis Motivation Institute) distance program. It's a well-established brick and mortar school with decades of experience that also offers distance training. Their program takes about 18 months, but can be completed at your own pace if you move through the units quicker. The classes are actually filmed lectures that you watch, so you are literally getting the classes you would in person, although some are a bit dated.
I love the coursework because its comprehensive, and allows me to take extra courses for specialized certifications (I'm already signed up for a PTSD training, and planning on getting certified in smoking cessation as well). The program allows me to become a certified hypnotherapist, rather than hypnotist, as well, which I prefer. **I will not be a doctor, but I will be able to help people, and that's what I want.
Moving forward with this feels so right , and I am so happy with this new chapter unfolding.

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